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Note regarding Institutions of Higher Education:

All 4-year state colleges and universities found in the Open Stimulus application will only display Stimulus expenditures associated with the State Fiscal Stabilization Funds (SFSF). These universities and colleges may have been awarded additional Stimulus funding via other ARRA grants; however, the system is limited to displaying only SFSF expenditures. For a full listing of all Stimulus dollars associated with each university or college, we ask that you review the State Recovery Office Executive Summary which is updated monthly. If you have additional questions regarding non-SFSF Stimulus funding we ask that you refer to the list of Higher Education Contacts and direct your questions to the individuals listed.  All 2-year state college expenditures will be found under the Dept of Postsecondary Education within the Open Stimulus website.  For additional questions regarding 2-year Postsecondary Institutions, please contact the Fiscal Services Division at PostsecondaryStimulus@dpe.edu.

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