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Welcome to the Open Stimulus Checkbook!

This checkbook contains a database of unaudited Stimulus-related expenditures by category, payee and agency. The searchable database allows querying and drill down capabilities. You can view the results online, or download the data as a report or Excel spreadsheet. The database is updated nightly Tuesday through Saturday.

Please note that the information provided is derived from Fund Codes 1300-1399 which are assigned by the State Executive Budget Office and tracked by the State Comptroller's Office. These funds contain Stimulus-related expenditures only. Each agency and institution is assigned a specific 1300 fund number when ARRA funds are awarded.  For a full disclosure of all State expenditures, please visit Open.Alabama.Gov. Please note that our checkbook is sorted by payment fiscal year which shows payments made from October 1 to September 30.

Important Note regarding Institutions of Higher Education

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